6 Great Tips for Selling Your Ohio Home

6 Tips to Increase Your Home Value with Upgrades and Updates

 When it comes to selling Columbus, Ohio homes, we’ve found that a few strategically planned upgrades and updates can help to increase the value of a house.

Are you planning to sell your home soon and searching for updates you can complete to demand a higher price? Or maybe you want to build equity in it? Either way, you can use the tips we’re sharing below to improve your home and increase its value. 

6 Ways to Improve the Value of Columbus, Ohio Homes

Let’s explore possible renovations and updates to your home by “walking through your home” with the eyes of a buyer.

1.      Invest in Landscaping

Check out your curb appeal by looking at what you already have. Do your bushes or trees need trimming? Does the garden require weeding?

If you have bare areas, opt for established plants that will continue to come back every year. Another way to make your yard look like less of a responsibility to possible buyers is to opt for native trees that require little attention.

 2.      Complete Imminent Repairs 

Unless they’re buying a house with plans to renovate, no one wants their new home to come with a to-do list. If the roof, water heater, or air conditioning unit is coming due for replacement soon, handle it before placing the house on the market.

A fresh coat of exterior paint is an affordable aesthetic improvement that you can take care of too. A new buyer will feel more comfortable knowing that it won’t need to be done again for a few years. 

3.      Add More Space

Open up the floor plan by removing non-load bearing walls that can make the home feel confined. You could also finish your Columbus, Ohio home’s basement or attic, or build a deck to create additional space.

4.      Update the Bathroom and Kitchen

A few quick and easy fixes for the bathrooms are swapping out the fixtures, vanities, and toilet. When it comes to the kitchen, here are some renovations that will give you the most return on your investment:

  • Update the appliances with a new matching set.
  • Paint and change out the hardware of old cabinets.
  • Switch out the flooring for new tile or vinyl.
  • Upgrade the countertops to quartz or granite.
  • Replace fluorescent overhead lights with warm LEDs.

 5.      Make it Smart

The price of technology upgrades has dropped dramatically over the last few years. Consider adding a smart thermostat, smart door locks, smart lighting, and a smart smoke detector.

6.      Increase Efficiency 

Identify how you can make the home more efficient. A few options are double-paned windows, energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and solar panels. In fact, thirty-six percent of the members of the National Association of Realtors said that “properties with solar panels increased the perceived property value.”

What Valuable Updates Have You Seen in Columbus, Ohio Homes?

What home projects do you have planned to help increase your home value? Leave us a comment below if you have anything to add that we didn’t list above.

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